The Tastiest Gin Accompaniments

We hear plenty about food and wine pairings, but what about the foods that go best with gin?

Gin is a versatile spirit that makes a wonderful base for cocktails, and its adaptability also makes the clear nectar an exciting match for various foods. Our well-rounded gin has pronounced juniper notes followed by subtle sweet and citrus notes with a hint of spice and floral after-tones. While exquisite when sipped straight or mixed in the perfect gin and tonic, Sing Gin can also be matched with many snacks and meals.

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The reason gin is such a fun spirit to pair with food? Simple! Some of the botanicals in our gin – like juniper and mint – are often used in cooking to enhance flavour in our best-loved culinary dishes. To find the best gin accompaniments, we can therefore take a leaf out of the recipe books and complement the botanicals in Sing Gin with the main ingredients whose flavour is often enhanced with those very botanicals in professional cooking.

As an example, mint is used to season lamb and we use mint in the distillation process – so lamb dishes work well with Sing Gin.

Here’s our guide to what to eat with gin, featuring the most mouthwatering gin accompaniments and why they’re a match made in heaven.

1. Smoked salmon blinis

Seafood’s flavour profile complements the floral and herbal notes in Sing Gin beautifully. If you’re looking for an elegant appetiser to serve with gin, smoked salmon blinis go down a treat. Add a touch of cream cheese, a thin slice of cucumber and garnish with a squeeze of lemon before serving as an aperitif at gin o’ clock.

2. Nuts

Most types of nuts can be served with gin and tonic – or indeed, any alcoholic drinks! The fatty saltiness of nuts balance the citrus, floral flavours in a gin and tonic. Experiment with different combinations – you can serve hazelnuts, almonds, salted peanuts and brazil nuts in small bowls at your next gathering.

3. Ginger prawns

Marinaded in ginger and garlic with a hint of coriander, grilled or deep-fried prawns are an excellent small dish to serve with gin. The heat of the ginger and citrus and the spicy and slightly floral quality of the coriander bring out the body and intensity of Sing Gin for a powerful mouth experience.

4. Berries

Berries are used as garnishes for your gin and tonic for a reason. The sweetness of the berries – whether it’s blueberries, blackberries or cranberries – balance out the sharpness of juniper and tone down the pine-like flavour in some gins. A medley of berries make a great healthy snack to go with your gin cocktail. Got a sweet tooth? Satisfy it with a berry cheesecake for dessert alongside a a gin cocktail.

5. Meat and cheese platters

Herb infused cold meats are always a failsafe accompaniment for gin. The rich, salty and earthy flavours in cold meats mingle with gin’s citrus undertones. Gin stands up to strong extra mature cheeses like manchego or stilton, and the spirit can also cut through creamier goats cheeses and smoked cheeses. A well-mixed gin and tonic makes a refreshing drink to sip alongside a grazing board. That’s Friday night’s supper sorted, eh?

6. Indian curries

Ah, an Indian take-away and a G&T: one of the greatest combinations in life, surely? You’re not just imagining it though – gin really does go well with Indian cuisine! Spicy foods work brilliantly against the crispness of gin and tonic. Many gins use spices from all over the world to provide a greater depth of flavour and aroma, so this one’s a no-brainer.

7. Lamb kofta

If you’re having guests over and struggling for a main dish to serve with gin and tonics, you can’t go wrong with a lamb main. Every gin contains juniper, and this is a botanical that chefs often use in lamb dishes to enhance the red meat’s flavour. Serve this Middle Eastern delicacy with flatbreads, salad, plenty of dips and lashings of gin.

8. Rhubarb & ginger syllabub

Angelica root is one of the more unique botanicals used in Sing Gin. We use it to add a woody undertone that gives the gin its dryness. When candied, angelica root pairs well with rhubarb making a rhubarb and ginger syllabub with candied angelica root a beautiful dessert to eat with gin! Go on, try it.

9. Paté

Patés are often seasoned with juniper berries, so of course the French meat paste makes the ideal snack to eat with gin cocktails. Seafood or red meat patés work especially well. Serve with warm crusty bread to add more sophistication your charcuterie!

10. Chocolate

Chocoholics, rejoice. Chocolate is the perfect thing to eat with gin! What better excuse to curl up in the sofa with a large G&T and a box of chocolates? If you fancy taking a a walk on the wild side, try a dark mint chocolate with Sing Gin – it will bring out the refreshing leafiness of our gin’s botanical blend.

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If you’re wondering what to eat with your G&T tonight, we hope this guide to the tastiest gin accompaniments has helped!

The complex world of gin botanicals is as fascinating as it is varied and choosing which foods to eat with gin can lead you to discover some truly intoxicating couplings. We have loads of fun creating scrumptious gin and tapas nights at Sing Gin HQ and would love to see some of your gin and food pairings on social media! Don’t forget to tag us in your uploads – we share the best Sing Gin Sippers photographs!

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