Our Story



Whatever You Make, We Say Make It Beautiful.

From still to sip, every drop of Sing Gin reflects our belief in the life-affirming power of natural beauty.

As a family business, we take our craft seriously. We even have our own muse. The Yorkshire Dales. The Dales is our home, and being surrounded by so much awesome natural beauty moved us to create Sing Gin (named after the historic village of Kettlesing where we live).

Crafting A Beautiful Gin Is Only Half The Story.

The real challenge was capturing the spirit of the Dales in mood, method, ingredients and flavour. It’s there in our branding too. Our decorative brand design was inspired by Fountains Abbey and its tranquil water garden – we love this place and visit regularly to walk, relax and clear away the cobwebs. Look closely at the bottle label and you’ll see the fearsome gargoyle from the water garden protecting our secret recipe.

A Dream And A Legacy.

Sing Gin came to be because Ian our founder dreamed of creating a family legacy. Not any ordinary legacy though. Ian wanted to honour and celebrate his beloved Yorkshire Dales with something that could pass down the generations. His twin sons Richard and James are now closely involved in the gin-making, while his wife and the twins’ mum, Caron, enjoys the tasting sessions. We hope you do too. Cheers.

Inspired by the beauty of the dales

Sing Way

We all need a bit of encouragement in life! These are the values that guide and
inspire us to consistently produce our glorious gin to a meticulously high standard.


Life is better when things are beautiful. For us, this comes down to craft. Everything we make and do, from our choice of botanicals to our classical methods, is led by our artisanal eye, our close attention to detail, and this old chestnut, ‘If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.’


Being true to yourself and doing things you believe in, with integrity. That’s what authenticity means to us. We’re always as good as our word. And we treat our people and our gin with the utmost care and respect. It’s the simplest way and it’s the best way.


As a family business, family means everything. It’s about love and it’s about people. We regard everyone we work with and make gin for as part of our family, and our reputation is built on these strong connections. Just as our gargoyle protects our gin recipe, we protect and nurture our relationships. We’re nothing without them.