Our Gin

Sing Gin

In The Beginning...

Our founder Ian installed a little copper pot still in his cellar, surrounded himself with botanicals and began experimenting. After recreating his favourite gins and getting the hang of which botanicals worked best together, he developed a recipe that captured the spirit of his beloved Yorkshire Dales, and won his family’s approval too.

Distilled In Kettlesing

Sing Gin is made in the Dales village of Kettlesing. We let the botanicals steep overnight inside Bella, our steel and copper still (named after our first family dog). Then we distil the grape spirit and botanicals in 50-litre batches. Small batches offer higher quality control. Four hours later, we have our beautiful gin.

Crushed By Hand

Juniper, mint, orange peel and flax are among the seven top-quality botanicals we use. Flax is especially dear to us for being a historic Yorkshire crop, and we grow the flax ourselves. Rather than using whole botanicals, we crush all ours by hand with a large mortar and pestle. Extracting the oils in this way helps us achieve our signature strength of flavour and aroma.

Grape Over Grain

We craft Sing Gin from grape-based spirit rather than grain. Grape delivers a silky smoothness that, in our opinion, grain can’t quite match. Grape was actually an ingredient in the world’s very first juniper spirits back in the 13th century, so it’s a nice nod to tradition.