Best Summer Gin Cocktails
Jun 09 2019 / Richard Thompson

Best Summer Gin Cocktails

It’s summer! Which means it’s time to unveil our best summer gin cocktails. We develop bespoke cocktail lists for venues across Yorkshire, and these are some of our favourites for 2019/20.

Our Rose Gin Fizz is a lovely fruity little number. You’ll need 35ml Sing Gin, 25ml rose water, 25ml grapefruit juice and 10ml lemon juice. Top this lovely lot with sparkling wine or champagne. If you’re feeling exotic, try our Taste of the East. Measure out 35ml Sing Gin, 20ml lychee juice, 50ml blueberry juice and 10ml vanilla. Serve with crushed ice and a lavender sprig for a splash of fragrant colour.

After something lighter? Our Elderflower Collins is a little twist on the world-famous Tom Collins cocktail. Pour out 35ml Sing Gin, 15ml Supasawa Lime & Lemon and 20ml elderflower cordial. Add cubed ice. Top with sparkling water and garnish with a sprig of rosemary. Superb.


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