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Famous Gin Drinkers

Do you love gin? Well, you’re in great company. Some of the greatest artists, writers, musicians, actors and world leaders are gin drinkers. Here, we’ve listed some of the most famous celebrity gin drinkers. Some of these might surprise you!

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Famous people who love (or loved) gin

1. Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty is famously known to drink a gin cocktail every day, just before she eats lunch. Comprised of gin and Dubonnet, she likes her first drink of the day with lots of ice and a slice of lemon (pips removed). She follows this with a post-lunch dry martini.

The Queen’s mother was also a big fan of the botanical spirit!

2. Ernest Hemingway

Your mind might go straight to the mojito when you consider Hemingway’s favourite drink, but the truth is that he drank a wide range of cocktails. The writer liked his dry martinis served ice cold – which was probably necessary during those long, hot days in Cuba.


3. Winston Churchill

The British Prime Minister loved gin so much, he even had a cocktail named after him – the Churchill Martini! Churchhill was firm in his belief that a martini should be made with ice-cold gin, and a bow in the direction of France. Well, you can’t deny the man a stiff drink – he did lead the country through WWII.


4. Alfred Hitchock

The director agreed with Churchill on the correct way to make a martini.


5. Ginger Rogers

Everything Fred Astaire could do, Ginger could do better – including, according to some, drinking. She even had a cocktail named after her: the Ginger Rogers is made with 30ml dry gin, 30ml dry vermouth, 30ml apricot brandy and a generous dash of lemon juice.


6. Michelle Obama

7. Frank Sinatra

The smooth crooner drank martinis with just a whisper of Vermouth and served on the rocks, garnished with a lemon twist.


8. Madonna

Fitness freak Madonna opts for a gin and slimline tonic to keep the calories at bay.


9. Franklin D. Roosevelt

The 32nd US President favoured martinis made with extra Vermouth and a drop of Absinthe. He was in office when Prohibition came to an end, and apparently travelled with his own personal martini kit!


10. J.K Rowling

Harry Potter’s creator orders a gin and tonic when she’s out on the town. Did anyone else assume she’d only drink butterbeer?


11. F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby author made his love for gin clear in the novel, where the characters sip gin at Jay Gatsby’s lavish parties. Oh, to go to one of those soirees!


12. Ryan Reynolds

The famous actor loves gin so much, he has his own gin brand!


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