Two Years Of Wonder, Joy And Excitement

Wow. We made it.

Sing Gin was my dad Ian’s idea. Now, two years later, me and my dad, mum and brother are sitting in the family home surrounded by box after box of our beautiful Sing Gin, waiting to be shipped off around the UK.

Who doesn’t love a gin hamper? The perfect gifts for drinkers of gin, our hampers rise to any occasion – from birthdays to anniversaries, congratulations to new homes, Christmas or just to say thank you. Discover our range of luxury gin hampers here.

Luxury hamper containing a range of foods, a large bottle of gin and sparkling wine

And what an adventure it’s been. Two years of learning curves so steep they gave us vertigo. Two years of wonder, joy and excitement. Two years of discoveries mixed with tiredness and fist-shaking frustration.

But it’s been worth it because the result is a brand new 40% ABV beautiful bouncing baby (with a 24-month gestation period). Tired is the word. But we couldn’t be happier. And although we know this is all just the beginning, we can’t wait for phase 2! We’d like to raise a glass to everyone who’s helped, supported and advised us along the way.

Cheers to you and cheers to our Sing fans, today, tomorrow and beyond.


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