10 Delicious Yorkshire Foods You Have To Try

As proud Yorkshire folk, we’re passionate about our local produce. We’re keen to support the local landscape and we grow our own flax here at our Yorkshire distillery to use in Sing Gin’s botanical blend.

As well as being the birthplace of a beautiful gin made from grapes, our home county is responsible for some of the most scrumptious scran in the UK! We’ve already shared the best foods to eat with your gin and tonic, so let’s take a look at some of the tastiest eats in Yorkshire.

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There are plenty of famous Yorkshire delicacies and some lesser-known traditional Yorkshire foods you might not realise are from our neck of the woods. Some of the most popular confectionary in the UK was created in Yorkshire, from polo mints to jelly babies – and we’ve got a litany of yummy Yorkshire recipes that have spread across the world.

Here’s our guide to what to eat in Yorkshire.

10 Famous Yorkshire Foods

1. Yorkshire puddings

No proper roast is complete without two (or three, or four!) fluffy Yorkshire puddings. The golden crown on your Sunday dinner, these wonderful Yorkshire inventions were first made popular in the 1700s when money-saving mams would use the fat that dropped into the dripping pan to cook a batter pudding while the meat roasted.

These days, the best Yorkshire pudding recipes are hotly disputed but they’re all comprised of three main ingredients: eggs, flour, and milk or water. Best served with roast beef, all the trimmings and lashes of gravy.


2. Crab

If you’re travelling along the rugged Yorkshire coast, we highly recommend popping into a local fishmonger to purchase a fresh crab. Alternatively, pick up a crab bap on the go from one of the many vendors in seaside towns like Scarborough and Whitby.

Yorkshire crab is delicious when boiled and dressed by a local chef! You’ll find it on the menu in some of the best gastropubs in the county.


3. Lamb

Our breathtaking Yorkshire Dales give local sheep plenty of space to graze so it’s no wonder some of the most mouthwatering meat in the UK comes from here. We recommend ordering lamb dishes when you eat out in Yorkshire restaurants.

If you’d like to try something different, check out the mutton dishes in some of our excellent Asian restaurants.


4. Yorkshire Curd Tart

This humble dessert can be picked up at local farm shops, cafes and artisan bakers across Yorkshire. Traditionally made with shortcrust pastry and curd cheese, and often flavoured with fruit or nutmeg, the Yorkshire Curd Tart is a centuries-old recipe that we think of as the ultimate comfort food.

We love the tart at Betty’s, which is the most famous tea room in Yorkshire. Of course, you have to wash it down with a cup of freshly brewed Yorkshire Tea!


5. Rhubarb

Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb is an out of season rhubarb that’s sweeter and more delicately flavoured than other types. It has a vivid red colour. It’s grown outside for two years to toughen the roots, then placed into forcing sheds in a small area known as the ‘rhubarb triangle’, the triangular patch between Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford. Yorkshire rhubarb is harvested by candlelight to maintain the tenderness of the shoots, which we think sounds very romantic!


6. Fat Rascal

Don’t take offence! This cheekily named treat is a bit like rock cake or a fruit scone. You’ll find them on a traditional northern afternoon tea, freshly baked and served with lots of butter. At Betty’s, they’re decorated with a glacé cherry and almond smile.

The Fat Rascal recipe traditionally uses lard, hence the name ‘fat’. It’s thought to originate in the 19th century and comes from North Riding Turf Cakes, which are small cakes made with leftover dough or pastry and cooked over turf fires.


7. Asparagus

Yes, we do eat our greens here! From mid-April to early May, you’ll find asparagus on the menu at some of Yorkshire’s finest restaurants. If you’d like to buy some to cook at home, try our many farm shops and green grocers.

Only young asparagus shoots are eaten: once the buds start to open, the shoots turn woody. On a hot summer’s day, you can practically watch the asparagus shoot up!


8. ‘Picky tea’ favourites

We all love a picky tea. Whether you call it a spread, a table or a buffet (ooh la la!) in your house, a picky tea consists of the contents of the fridge and cupboard, spread across the kitchen table or floor to pick at when nobody can be bothered cooking.

Did you know that some of your picky tea staples were invented in Yorkshire? Yes, the Seabrooks crisps you pour into a bowl, those Party Rings and Smarties the kids love and even the humble KitKat were all created here in Yorkshire!


9. Cheese

There are more than 85 delicious cheeses made in Yorkshire, using everything from cows milk to goats milk. One of the most famous Yorkshire cheeses is of course the crumbly Wensleydale, which comes from Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales. Cheese-making in the area dates back to 1150!


10. Fry ups

Woke up in God’s own country? Before you commence working your way through our list of the best things to do in Yorkshire, get your day off to a flying start with a hefty fry up made with local produce.

We have some excellent award-winning butchers here, and all of our best B&Bs and hotels serve gut-busting breakfasts. Try our local bacon, sausages and black pudding with a fried egg and toast.  Tea is a given, not an option.


So, as well as being the starting point for national supermarkets like Marks and Spencer’s and ASDA, Yorkshire also plays host to some truly spectacular local food. We hope this has given you some inspiration for things to eat in Yorkshire when you’re visiting. Tell us, how many of the Yorkshire foods on this list did you know were from our home country?


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